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It's been great to have an external confident, with no financial interest in the business, that I can run ideas and issues past.

- Scott Mitchell, Managing Director of Choices Home Centre

Taxation & Accounting

Your business is an evolving entity, it is interesting to look back at your historical figures but absolutely essential to look forward at how you will reach your goals.

Financial Strategy

If you need a firmer understanding of where your profit comes from and how to keep more of it, it’s time to speak to our financial strategy team.

Cloud Accouting

Xero is our preferred Cloud Accounting software. It is the world's easiest and most accessible accounting software and you'll see why so many people around the world love Xero.

Don't be held back from the success you deserve...

We know that at some point in your life you’ve decided to start your own business because you had a driving motivation to achieve something amazing, that's yours.

Whatever that is for you, it’s a big enough motivator to see you go into debt, leave a well-paying job and spend long hours working – all to chase that elusive “something”!

At May Partners, we understand this passion.

If improving sales & profit, attracting new clients, increasing cashflow, paying less tax, protecting your assets, devising a succession plan or helping you sell your business for a profit are important to you, contact one of our specialists...

Tax Accounting

"I decided that the worst thing I could in uncertain times was nothing."


"In our business, we're always looking to do things better and since working with our coach, we have been able to create a team atmosphere, get them accustomed to managing change and generally perform better."



Scott Mitchell

Managing Director of Choices Home Centre

"The business my husband and I had built was unable to operate without me there constantly; that was definitely not part of the plan!"

"I opened myself up to coaching with May Partners, which refocused us on reaching our goals…and it actually happened!"

"Our revenue has more than tripled in the past two years, with a large percentage going straight to the bottom line."


Lisa Smith

Owner, Make Your House A Home